“If you’re like me, you pretend. You pretend to be excited about walking into a room full of strangers to strike up interesting conversations.”

I think I honestly believe I am a person people most days — until I walk into a room full of them. Then the walls go up and I realise I want to be at home with my bunnies and a book or my crochet. And my fella — if he’s in enough of a people mood to even be around me, ha! (He’s 100% introvert). I certainly used to be more extrovert, but now I do have to pretend. A lot. I really struggle to strike up conversation these days and my brain is so tired just from daily conversations at work that I can rarely even summon the brain power to think of a go-to starting point. I much prefer to sit back and listen and just pipe up if I actually have anything of value to say (or have had a gin or 3).

It is interesting you mention to befriend the extreme extroverts. I have done this many times in the past but ultimately found the friendships to be absolutely draining and that we often actually had very little in common. I prefer to just befriend animals!

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