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  • Elisabeth Ovesen

    Elisabeth Ovesen

    3x New York Times bestselling author, copywriter, and columnist at LEVEL and ZORA. https://linktr.ee/lilibetovesen

  • IdeasAtTheHouse


    A melting pot of stimulating conversation and provocative debate. Presented by Sydney Opera House.

  • Erin Chamberlain

    Erin Chamberlain

  • Ali Mese

    Ali Mese

    Founder/Owner: Start it up + Curious + Geek Culture. I also write essays that help you get smarter at building your thing https://GrowthSupply.com

  • Elizabeth Dawber

    Elizabeth Dawber

    Editor at The Startup + Curious. English Literature & Creative Writing Grad. MWC Semi-Finalist. Free Fiction Writing Masterclass Launching Here Late January.

  • Specky Scribbler | Michelle O'Connor

    Specky Scribbler | Michelle O'Connor

    Lover of words since childhood. Copywriter & editor by trade. www.speckyscribbler.com

  • Sam Jackson

    Sam Jackson

    Climate Impact & Partnerships Manager at Ecologi.

  • Sally Giblin

    Sally Giblin

    Writes about climate change & raising nature-loving kids. Aussie in London. Connect with me at Twitter: @Sally_Giblin & Instagram: @BeTheFuture.Earth

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